We attach data directly to the products in a consumer's life

We deliver interactive media rich experiences into the consumer's hand

We have the ability to instantly switch the messaging directly to the consumer

PureChex™ technology captures the attention of modern consumers

Amplify the Producer's Story

Attaching the story to the products through smart labels

Authentic messaging from the producer

Producers will have a new relationship with consumers

Reimagining the Consumer-Producer Relationship

Consumers can have a direct relationship with producers

Traditional producers now more in line with last-mile economy

New feedback loop that speaks directly to the producers

Food Safety & Sustainability for the Future

Direct traceability to the exact product and consumer

Incentivizes recyclability programs and social responsibility

Push notifications for individual in possession of the specific product


The consumer enjoys an authenticated media rich augmented reality experience with product details and information based on their preferences.


The consumer will be alerted to any recalls specific to the product. This occurs with a change in media as well as push notifications.

Telling the Story

As a supplier you can share your story of how you bring only the best products to market.

Learn & Share

Educate, create contests with consumers hunting for product, create bounties to incentivize participation, and share with friends and family.


Creates a list that can be cross-referenced to help identify food safety concerns.


Stakeholders along the chain can identify products that have not traveled within specifications.


PureChex is a product that has been developed by a group of passionate people and companies. We are driven to see better results for the producers in this world. We feel that blockchain technology is revolutionary. We believe in the ability to remove unnecessary intermediaries and meaningfully connect the people that buy and produce the products we love.

Meet The Team

Mark Buhl

International supply chain consultant, commercial trial expert, international trade and industry advisor, traceability platform developer, IoT expert, on farm network specialist

Ryan Clark

Big data specialist, blockchain platform expert, cryptocurrency and traceability platform developer.

Lorena Dominguez

International supply, global claims, license custom broker, project management and implementation, global logistics, grower and import accounting. 

Felipe Illanes

Packaging development, recyclability expert, irrigation specialist, post-harvest consultant, global trade, logistics, IoT sensor development.

Our Advisors

Mary Lu Arpaia, PhD

Deirdre Holcroft, PhD

Lise Korsten, PhD

Gail Nakamura

JT Giri

Dennis O'Connell